We Offer Sedation to Make Your Visit Completely Comfortable

For some patients, a dental appointment can be a difficult experience. Shots, drills, and treatments create anxiety for the dentally anxious. At our office, we relieve all your worry and fear and make treatments easy for you with sedation dentistry.

The doctor can prescribe a simple pill that you take before your appointment to ease your anxiety and help you relax.  With that, your appointment will be over before you know it.  We also use nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, when only lighter sedation is needed.  With this method you may not even remember your procedure and time will seem to fly by.

Oral sedation is safer than IV sedation with fewer side effects.  There is no need to monitor your vital signs and no risk of infection from an IV needle.

It is our goal to have you comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment.

Special Offer

Call our office at (928) 775-7433 to determine how sedation dentistry can make your dental visit comfortable and relaxed.